Photo Prep Checklist

As your photographer, my job is to provide compelling images that will attract buyers, accurately represent your listing, and help get your listing sold as quickly as possible at the best price!

I will usually spend the first few minutes of our appointment to walk through the property and assist in any light staging/organizing that needs to be done to ensure the property looks and photographs it’s very best.

To help your photoshoot go as smooth as possible and to get the most out of my services, I have put together a checklist of things you and your seller can do prior to my arrival. While I am happy to assist, the more you can do prior to my arrival the better!


1. Declutter: Remove unnecessary items from countertops, tables, and floors to create a clean and spacious look.

2. Clean: Ensure that all surfaces, windows, mirrors, and floors are clean.

3. Remove Personal Items: Hide personal photos, personal items, and any potentially divisive or controversial decor.

4. Hide Cords and Cables: Conceal cables and cords as much as possible.

5. Turn on All Lights: Replace any burnt-out bulbs and ensure all lights are turned on to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere. If possible, use daylight balanced bulbs as they will not clash with ambient light coming through windows and will help to ensure accurate colors.

6. Turn off all ceiling fans: To avoid blurry fan blades, all ceiling fans must be turned off. Ceiling fan light fixtures can remain on.

7. Open Curtains and Blinds: Let natural light in by opening curtains and blinds. Make sure they are clean and evenly positioned.

8. Remove Pets: Temporarily relocate pets and their belongings including litter boxes, beds, toys, etc.

9. Prepare Kitchen: Remove as much as possible from countertops. Remove magnets from refrigerator, range hoods, etc. Remove floor mats. Remove items on top of refrigerator. Remove dish racks, dish towels, soaps, sponges, etc.
10. Prepare Bedrooms: Have all beds made. Declutter dressers and bedside tables. If possible, remove posters. For baby bedrooms, remove diaper pails and hygiene items.
11. Prepare Bathrooms: Removal all personal hygiene items (soaps, shampoos, shaving items, etc) from bathroom vanities, bathtubs and shower enclosures. Remove floor mats. Clean tub/shower doors. Make sure all surfaces are dry. Remove toilet brushes and free-standing toilet paper holders. Clean mirrors. Decorative items on vanity tops can remain. I will leave or remove them at my discretion.


1. Prepare Yard and Landscaping: Ensure the exterior of the property looks inviting by mowing the lawn, trimming bushes, etc.

2. Remove Vehicles: If applicable, move cars, motorcycles, or any other vehicles from the driveway and front of the house. If possible, park vehicles on the opposite side of the street 1-2 doors away from the property.

3. Clear Walkways: Sweep or pressure wash walkways, driveways, and patios. Remove any debris or leaves.

4. Hide Trash Bins: If possible, hide or relocate trash bins and recycling containers. 5. Outdoor Furniture: Arrange outdoor furniture neatly if applicable.

6. Clean pet droppings: If you have a dog or other pet, please do your best to clean up their droppings.

7. Prepare Swimming Pool and Spas: Skim your pool of leaves and debris, remove any floating item/pool toys and pool cleaning robots. Try to ensure that pool water is crystal clean. Turn on any fountains or waterfalls.

TWILIGHT (for evening shots):

1. Exterior Lighting: Ensure all exterior lights, including porch lights, landscape lighting, and pool lights, are functioning and turned on.

2. Pool and Water Features: If the property has a pool or water features, turn on any pumps, fountains, or waterfalls.

3. Fire Features: If there are fire pits, fireplaces, or outdoor heaters, light them to create a cozy ambiance.

4. Indoor Lights: Turn on interior lights to create a warm glow visible through windows. Open all interior blinds.


I normally do not photograph garages or insides of closets (unless you request). These are the best places to store items and pets during our photoshoot. Using plastic bins makes things easy for kitchen and bath prep. I will usually start with exterior and aerial photos after I walk the property. This will give a little extra time to take care of any interior items you may have missed, and I am always happy to help with moving heavy items, especially if it is difficult for you or your client to do so.